Are you an Affiliate Manager or Merchant who regularly sends email marketing to your affiliates?  Well, these practical tips for an effective email campaign are  for you.   Oftentimes,  we are so focused in the media reach, fancy presentation, information overload that we fail to consider what our affiliates really needs.

I will start off with 3 simple questions:

  1. How many affiliates are in your email list?
  2. How often do you send out your email campaigns?
  3. How many companies are doing the same thing as you do, targeting the same people in your list?

Whether you are in a small niche market or not, you have to consider that your recipient is receiving a lot of emails, sometimes by the hundreds.  If you don’t have an effective email marketing campaign then expect your email to be buried in the pile.  Your goal is for the recipient to open your email, get your message across quickly and solicit a call to action!

Otherwise, you’re just wasting your time.  Moreover, your recipient may lose interest to open any of your future emails and mark it as spam.

Here are the top 5 effective email marketing tips to use on your affiliates:

1. Keep the email subject short

Leave the longer details in the email body.   Sometimes, only the first 5 words will appear in the email recipient’s Inbox subject.  If you can’t get your message across in 5 words then your email might go to the “open later”, “might open” or “no need to open” bin.

2. Use the company or the affiliate program’s  name as the sender

It is ok to personalize your email campaign but please do it in the actual message.   It will be easier to do Tip #1 by writing the company/affiliate program name in the sender details and using the subject space to get your message across.

e.g. Sender: ABC Sunglasses                           Subject:  Latest Coupon Offers

Sender: ABC Affiliate Program               Subject:  Don’t miss our Affiliate Contest!

3. Know your target audience

Create an email campaign specific to your target audience!  Don’t send an email campaign made for  your consumers to your affiliates.   They need to know the offers but also the links and creatives available.

4. Make it simple but provide the important details.

For instance,  in an email campaign to update your affiliates with weekly offers:

Have a line or two about your company, contact person, offer period, offers available, an HTML link ready to be used by your affiliate with their unique ID and advise them which affiliate network you belong.  You can also provide a link to access all the creatives available if it’s too many to include in your email or give them the option to receive the latest offers/links via an RSS or XML feed.

5. Always end it with an EASY call to action.

If you want them to promote your offers, don’t just tell them…make it easy to access the HTML links of all your current offers!  Provide several creatives that they can use.

It can be very frustrating for an affiliate marketer to get an email with a newsletter informing the latest offers but with no available links. Help them promote your offer straight away by saving them time from searching the affiliate network for your latest promotions and creatives.

Moreover, make sure all aspects of the campaign are active and updated including the appropriate links in your affiliate network.

Bonus Tip:

Don’t overdo it and be consistent.

Have an email marketing schedule. If your affiliate is used to receiving your weekly offers every Monday, make sure you don’t miss sending it on a Monday!

e.g. Monday- Email weekly offer    End of the month-Email newsletter                 Wednesdays- Email Specials/Affiliate Contest

I hope you find these Effective Email Marketing Tips practical and useful! All these tips are my personal insights from my affiliate marketing experience. Do you have any tips to add? Share your own personal views, experience or anything that can improve Email Marketing to the Affiliate industry!




Photo: Flickr : digipedia