I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts with a major in Business Administration.  I worked as a Marketing Manager for a real estate company.  I had an online business for a while, had two kids…and then I blogged.

It doesn’t make sense career wise.  But, with my lifestyle before my kids went to primary school…it was one of the best things I did.

I started my professional blogging at b5media.com back in 2007, as the real estate blogger for the Business Channel.  Since then, my knowledge and experience in digital media had  a natural progression.  I had all the time in the world to learn, network, and be familiar with all aspects of the business.  From blogging, I became an online content producer, affiliate marketer, web publisher to digital marketing specialist.   As a web publisher, since I don’t have the huge marketing budgets set aside for SEO and SEM, I became an expert in doing it the organic way! So far, all four of my niche websites are ranking #1 in Google, Yahoo and Bing for their primary keywords.

From a real estate investment executive, I invested in online real estate!

This year all my children are now in primary school…my youngest one has settled well in school.  I’m now ready to do more, checkout the market, network…and bite more than I can chew?  Well, not really.  As I would tell my husband, being a mum I was able to bring multitasking to a whole new level.  It is the same view I share with Brenda Barnes. 

“Brenda Barnes stunned corporate America when she quit her $2 million-a-year job as president of PepsiCo North America, leaving a 22-year career at the company to be with her three children. After 7 years at home, in 2004 Brenda Barnes joined Sara Lee Corp. as the chief operating officer and became chairman and chief executive officer a year later.”   (Source: About.com)

Here are some interesting insights and excerpts from her interview with Katherine Lewis of About.com:

What advice would you have for a working mom who’s thinking about quitting a job to raise a family but wants a career down the road?

“You need to stay engaged. You need to stay connected to what’s going on in the business world, some way, some how. Stay current on your own leadership capabilities. That’s one thing I observed when I was taking my time doing my family work.”

“Women run this society. They’re running the schools. They’re running the communities. They’re running charities. They’re doing PTAs. They’re doing all kinds of things that keep society going. That should not be undervalued by them or anybody they’re going to interview with. To the extent you can have a role in that and demonstrate it, then you have a selling point when you’re interviewing for a returnship or a full-time job somewhere.”

I did not read these 7 years ago, but somehow I did the same thing she did.  I joined b5media as a Real Estate Blogger because it is something that I can do from home and can confidently discuss due to my real estate background. It was my way of keeping myself up to date with the real estate industry. I’m very fortunate to be part of a great community of professional bloggers who thought me that blogging is more than just writing.  I learned the importance of networking, writing with a goal and doing the social aspects of marketing your blog. The first few weeks were like a crash course in blogging. Since then, in between the times I spent caring for my children I grew my digital marketing experience.  I think I’ve seen more digital marketing presentations and webinars during my work at home period than I ever did whilst working in the corporate world.

Just like Brenda, I did all these while caring for my children and doing my bit for my community.  I was the Treasurer of my children’s playgroup for more than a year.  I volunteered in my children’s class doing reading and developmental groups.  I witnessed all my children’s formative years, watched their  first presentations in school, guided them to have a certain standard in their learning habits, taught them values that are the core foundations of their well-being and made sure that they are well-settled in school and the community they belong.

But, I’m not a hero mum.  I’m just being a mum like any other mums out there.  I’ve met a lot of Brenda Barnes in the past few years of my motherhood. Someday, when I’m in a position to hire my staff, I will make sure that mums returning to work will not be overlooked.  In the same manner that Brenda did when she became CEO of Sara Lee Corp.  She launched a paid internship program, dubbed returnships at Sara Lee, targeting professionals with a gap in employment.

But, I’m glad that big corporations are joining Brenda in recognizing the social power of mums.  In Australia, Kmart just launched a TV ad “What do all of these mums say to dramatically lower prices?  Hundreds of mums participated in the ad… reviewing the price, comparing products and testing it too.  Meanwhile in the US, Walmart has a group of moms running one of their theme blogs, Walmart Moms. There are 25 mums running her own blog in different niche topics from being frugal, rockin’ mama, mommy’s kitchen, mom advice and more.

“We’re real Moms. And we’re bloggers. We’ve come together with Walmart to celebrate Moms, share our experiences and create a community.”

-Walmart Moms

Mums are like the CEO’s of the house. They manage, delegate, attend meetings and contribute to the community.  Notably, they are experts  in team building too, from their own family to different social groups.

So if you’re a mum, be proud of your contributions to the society! Use your social power to fulfill your aspirations in your career, personal life or for simply being a happy member of a community 🙂




Photo: Flickr by daveynin
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