Not so long ago, having a website is not the norm for most businesses.  Eventually, many companies realized that having a website is as important as having a physical office.   Your website is the first point of contact for your customers.  Most of them would have visited your website, even before they actually see your office.

Today, many companies are still not embracing social media. Some would think it is a waste of effort, money and human resources.  However, it is about time that your company should:


  • STOP – holding off social media as part of your marketing campaign

Just like your website, social media is becoming a standard in businesses.  It’s not a new technology that would eventually be outdated , but a technology that  became a way of life.  If you want to talk to your consumers, you simply can’t ignore the power of digital technology.

  • LOOK – at how your competitors are using social media to boost their brand recognition, brand credibility and ultimately sales. 

You just can’t sit back and let your competition slowly grab your market share.  Don’t leave it until it’s too late. You can’t expect a social media success overnight.  It’s not about having a thousand “likes” on Facebook or a thousand “followers” in Twitter. A successful social media campaign takes times to establish.  It is about building long-term relationships and establishing communities amongst your consumers.

  • LISTEN – to what others have to say about your business. 

Even if your company is not into social media, that doesn’t stop others from talking about your company or your products and services in social media networks.  It is all good if you always have a positive feedback.  But, ignorance can be costly for your business.  Having bad reviews online can easily put a dent in all your marketing efforts. Most people want value for their money.  They trust product or service reviews by their peers and other consumers, more than what the marketers have to say.

Moreover, if some issues are not resolved, it is not uncommon to have “hate sites” or a community of your consumers dissatisfied with your company, product or service.  Here is a list of Top Corporate Hate Web Sites as rated by

You can’t really stop people from forming hate sites but their feedback is still valuable in improving your products and services.  Plus, it’s better that you do a “damage control” than let your detractors completely burn you down.  Most law suits can be avoided if the involved parties can listen and communicate.

Social Media made communication a breeze.  It is in a language that everyone can understand and in a medium accessible to many.  If you don’t take time to Stop, Look and Listen then you might get hit by the social network train.

Social Media is not really a choice.  It is a given for your business.  You can either pretend that you don’t need it or take advantage of what it can do for your business.





Photo: Flickr darobin