Most of us know what social media is.  Even if you don’t, in one way or another you’ve connected or interacted in some form of social media.

However, if you have a business…then it is a must  that you know what social media is and how to apply social media marketing in your business.

This video will take the jargon out of social media marketing.  In three minutes, you can learn the key points that you need to kick-start your social media campaign!


Source: YouTube Upside Down Iceberg

Key Points from  Upside Down Iceberg’s : Social Media Marketing in 3 Minutes

4 Steps to Social Media Success

  1. Find Interested People
  2. Deliver Quality Content
  3. Capture Information
  4. Stay in Touch

Advantages of Social Media (TOP OF MIND)

  • Trust
  • Offer  your  Products or Services
  • Perceived as Expert
  • Outstanding Visibility
  • Familiarity
  • Makes you Credible
  • Increases Referrals
  • New Relationships
  • Demand Higher Prices

Note:  Personally, I believe that  D – Demand Higher Prices is subject to the value that you can offer to your consumers.

Top of mind awareness (TOMA) is: “When people think of you first to fulfill their product or service needs.”  Traditionally, TOMA has been achieved through traditional channels such as radio, newspapers, television, and magazines. Increasingly companies of all sizes are moving towards social media like Twitter and Facebook over against traditional channels. (Source: Wikepedia)

I hope you find this video and information useful in planning your social media marketing.  Do let me know know if you have any insights, stories or tips that you want to share.




Photo: Flickr Rosaura Ochoa