Just today, three of my Facebook friends are asking for recommendations of where to buy.., where to go…, can you recommend someone who can do this…? Chances are, you’ve read something similar in your Facebook wall or probably you are one of those who responded and recommended something to your friend.

Mobile apps made it easier and more convenient to access social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.  Moreover, even if most can easily search in Google from their mobile, many would rather ask for a recommendation from a friend.

Well, as the video link in this article; “My Marketing Mantra: Listen, Collaborate” explained…it is the most logical thing to do.  Usually, asking a friend is more reliable because they can recommend something that:

  • they’ve tried and liked
  • they know has a lot of positive reviews
  • the company is owned by somebody in their network
  • or simply because they have friends working for that company

So, make sure you don’t concentrate all your efforts in ranking #1 in the search engines, but also establish your social network online and offline.

Populate your social  networks online by providing informative articles, tips or product reviews instead of just posting your products and services.  In this manner, you are providing something of value whilst promoting your company at the same time.  Continuously posting your products and services might make you look like a spammer. I would also recommend joining forum discussions, interacting with other members, forming a group or simply starting a conversation.

Don’t forget about your offline networks too!  They can personally recommend you or help spread the word about your company.  These are your friends, relatives, employees, people in your local area and the like.  They may not be in your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Foursquare network, but most probably they are a member of a social network too.  Maintaining a positive relationship with them can merit a recommendation to somebody asking for products and services that you may have.

The more you network online and offline, the more your company will be liked and recommended in social media networks.  It is comparable to a page one ranking in Google!

So, how likeable are you?




Photo: Flickr Sean MacEntee