To develop an effective marketing plan, you have to lay down a strong foundation.  Something that can keep you grounded and on track in achieving your marketing goals.

I recommend using Philip Kotler’s 10 Credo’s of marketing 3.0 as a base framework for your marketing plan. From here, you can conceptualize marketing strategies that will best meet your business goals.

Philip Kotler is one of the most respected authors of marketing books.  He is also an exemplary marketing professional who adapts his marketing strategies to the ever changing consumer psyche, including the effects of new technology to consumer behavior.

Philip Kotler’s 10 Credo’s of marketing 3.0

  1. Love your customers, respect your competitors.
  2. Be sensitive to change and be ready to transform.
  3. Guard your name.  Be clear about who you are.
  4. Customers are diverse.  Go first to those who can benefit from you.
  5. Always offer a good package at a fair price.
  6. Always make yourself available. Spread the good news.
  7. Get customers, keep them and grow them.
  8. Whatever your business, it’s a service business now.
  9. Always refine your business processes.
  10. Gather relevant information, but use wisdom in making decisions

Here is a slideshow presentation that discusses Marketing 3.0 in detail and how some of the most successful companies today;  Amazon, Walmart, Apple iPad, Target, Whole Foods,  S.C. Johnson and Lilly have applied it in their business decisions and operations.


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I hope these can be an informative and effective guide in setting your  business goals and marketing strategies.


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