“I feel like buying an Oroton today!”  I wasn’t really planning to buy one again soon, but that was my reaction after viewing their website.

As soon as I opened their website, this Oroton 2011 campaign video started playing.

Oroton is one of the few Australian retail stores that utilize social media beyond Facebook and Twitter.  They have a blog, YouTube and an  O-list (their exclusive mailing list).

Notably, their campaigns are also multicultural and depict everyday life.  They cleverly portrayed their recent ad as a universal language that people can understand and relate to.

Moreover, from the moment I opened their website, I fell in love all over again with the brand…the music, the scenes and the overall video campaign was  heart-warming and inspirational.  The video initiated a social interaction, in the sense that it welcomed me to the Oroton brand and introduced me to the Oroton lifestyle.  I also liked the way they humanized the ending.

Well, I’m not really here to talk about the campaign.  But, as one of the many women out there who loves bags…shopping…loves shoes…shopping, their campaign was effective to me.

An excerpt  from an article in switzer.com.au; “Oroton’s strengths in the face of retail challenges“, indicates that I’m only one of the many online shoppers that love their website:

“ORL management continue to invest in what they term ‘retail innovation’. This is a strategy that has thus far paid off with the continued growth of their online platform. Launched in 2006, Oroton.com has evolved to become a very effective driver of sales for ORL. It grew by over 50 per cent in financial year 2010 to become a top five store (by sales), and was recently noted by ORL management to be tracking as their number one store so far this financial year.”

Truly, the Oroton management had well-positioned the brand for future growth in the local retail market and expansion in international markets.  While many Australian retailers are reducing their stores and complaining about online competition from overseas, Oroton continues to defy their retail challenges.

  • They’ve used social media as part of their “retail innovation”.  Aside from having a blog, Twitter, Facebook and O-list, they continue to engage their consumers in other social media events such as:
  1. Facebook + Polyvore = Oroton
  2. Vogue + Oroton + Online = VNFI
  • They have an online shop selling locally and overseas.  Australian buyers have the option of free shipping, meanwhile overseas buyers can track their purchases online. Plus, you can easily spot the international shipping icon in the footer of the Oroton website.  It encourages web visitors from overseas to explore and shop online.
  • In line with their expansion in Asia, they made their campaigns multicultural.  Some of their past campaigns also featured prominent personalities from Asia using Oroton, as seen in the following blog posts:
  1. Media Picks
  2. Oroton + Malaysia
  3. Singapore Bloggers + Oroton Style

Oroton remains an Australian iconic brand, but it has reinvented itself to be an emerging international fashion favourite. So, “Is Oroton Australia’s Best Retailer?“, from my heart and with money straight out of the pocket of consumers like me, I believe it is!






Photo: Flickr Doey