“First Impressions Count”, of course it does! But, it doesn’t stop there. In digital marketing, first impressions count but lasting impressions make a difference.

A few decades ago, marketing was easy. The focus back then was product presentation; from packaging to letting your consumers know that your product exists.  Traditional media played an important role in presenting products and services to consumers.

However, the advent of digital media totally changed the outlook of marketing.  It is outrunning traditional media in terms of market reach, lasting effect, engagement and collaboration with consumers.

Marketing changed its focus from simply presenting the product or service to:

  • actually delivering the product striving for brand credibility
  • engaging the consumer through social media
  • building communities through collaborating with consumers to merit brand loyalty

In digital marketing, first impressions will just give you a head start from your competition.  However, you need to continually engage with your consumers.  You don’t only deliver the message, but start a conversation.  This will enable you to measure if your product or service meets customer expectations.  Get feedback on how to improve it.  Treat your consumers as real people and not numbers.  Give something of value other than just the product or service. Be in touch with your customer’s emotions, after all that’s what triggers them to choose you over your competition or whether to classify your product as a want or need. Media reach is just the start, whilst building communities will help your company’s online presence grow; reaching out to more consumers than you initially measured.

It all sounds great isn’t it!  But, only if you execute it.  So, don’t just make that first impression, make it a lasting impression. Stay true to your product. Be in touch with your consumers.  Offer a great customer experience that will merit not only an approval from your customer but a recommendation.  If you do this, your digital marketing effort will pay off…instead of just saying hello…you will become an integral part of their community and if you deserve it…their way of life.




Photo: Flickr Marc Smith

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