I was thinking of a launching  topic for this website when I chanced upon Darren Rowse’s article  “Building blogs is like building muscles“.  According to Darren, a blog is like a muscle, it only grows when you use it.

It is a simple reality that is often overlooked in the digital marketing industry, especially here in Australia.  A lot of the big corporations are starting to introduce blogs in their websites.  However,  many don’t have fresh content.   Some looked like a frequently asked question site.  The worst part is… if it does exist, they make it so hard to find it!

In my personal opinion, many major Australian companies are missing out on this important business marketing tool.  I’ll talk more about it in detail in my upcoming blog entry “I give up!”.

During its early days, a blog can be compared to an online diary.   One can write anything and everything happening in their lives…for public consumption.  One of the most popular examples of this type of blog is Dooce.com  by Heather B. Armstrong. Dooce is a chronicle of Heather’s life from being single, getting married, losing her job, having kids and all other day to day happenings in her life.   What started out as an online diary became a full time business for Heather and eventually her husband.  Yep, that’s right…she’s earning big enough in her personal blog that her husband was able to quit his office job.   You can read more about her story in her website, Dooce.com

People loved reading her blog because they can relate to her life experiences.   She is as real as anyone of us….her failures and achievements are an open book.  Her daily updates—“daily photo”, “daily chuck”, “daily style”…can be very personal  but it is a natural magnet for her readers.   They were a part of every new chapter of her life and practically saw her family grow. From an online diary, her blog became a well-established online business…”Here in this tiny space on the web is an example of just how awesome and life-altering the Internet can be” – Heather B. Armstrong

Imagine what it can do for your business…if you can have a growing online community who will follow you, be interested in what you have to say and connect with you.  In the advent of emerging technologies, companies should seriously consider the benefits  of social media and online marketing.  More and more people are spending their time online…if ordinary people like Heather can make a lucrative business on the internet, then the potential for established retailers and corporations to grow their business online is a given not a chance.

Funny thing is…the Australian market is already shouting to the retailers’ faces that buying online is a popular choice.  Instead of taking the lead in attending to this growing need, the retailers are crying foul that they can’t compete to tax free goods bought overseas.  For obvious reasons, no smart shopper will heed their cry for help…if they can save more money by buying overseas.  It is sad to hear when stores are closing, jobs are lost…but then again you can’t blame the average Joe who just wants more value for his money.  What I can’t simply understand is why these stores can’t compete online?   They already have an advantage over the international online retailers…they can offer discounted or free shipping and better customer service in terms of warranty and returns.  Instead of crying foul for price differences, why not lower the price difference, offer more value and focus on widening your market.   Going online means your store is open 24/7 and most of all…the world is your market.   I’ll discuss this in detail, in my upcoming article…”If your competitor can do it, why can’t you?”.

Blogging can be very personal or strategic. Darren and Heather’s blog content are very different, but both professional bloggers are earning a good income from blogging. You can be passive by blogging whenever your feel like it or be aggressive by using it as a tool  to earn money for yourself or to grow your business. Writing daily should be part of your strategic plan.  An updated content should be a top priority in your Search Engine Marketing objectives.   You don’t have to write a long article every time, but at least give your online audience something to discover every day.

In fact, Darren credits the success of his blogs to his daily postings and regular interaction with his readers. He mentioned that “the more I posted, the more readers would come to my blog. The more I posted, the more people would leave comments on my blog. The more I would interact with my readers, the more they would interact with me. The more you use your blog, the more successful it becomes.”

So what’s stopping you from blogging? A blog is a very powerful tool for a business to grow its online presence and connect with its consumers.  It is a cost-effective way of marketing your business and  getting consumer insights at the same time.

Don’t think twice in utilizing blogging as part of your digital marketing strategy.   Start a blog, flex its muscles…use it to grow your business!

Join me at the online content gym!    Contact me if you want to share your story, views and tips or even just to stay hello!  I would love to feature any guest blogger or online marketer,  who can positively impact the digital marketing industry 🙂




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