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Digital Marketing Trends

STOP, LOOK and LISTEN – Why you can’t ignore social media in your business?

Not so long ago, having a website is not the norm for most businesses.  Eventually, many companies realized that having a website is as important as having a physical office.   Your website is the first point of contact for your customers.  Most of them would have visited your website, even before they actually see...
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Digital Marketing Resources

Philip Kotler’s 10 Credo’s of Marketing 3.0

To develop an effective marketing plan, you have to lay down a strong foundation.  Something that can keep you grounded and on track in achieving your marketing goals. I recommend using Philip Kotler’s 10 Credo’s of marketing 3.0 as a base framework for your marketing plan. From here, you can conceptualize marketing strategies that...
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Social Media

Social Media: a personal search engine that many consumers “Like”

Just today, three of my Facebook friends are asking for recommendations of where to buy.., where to go…, can you recommend someone who can do this…? Chances are, you’ve read something similar in your Facebook wall or probably you are one of those who responded and recommended something to your friend. Mobile apps made...
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